Car grooming in Christchurch?
More than a car wash.
Car Cleaning by the Professionals - CCV Grooming.

Cleaning is just the start of our service.

We're the groomers that don't stop after a wash or vacuum. Our services are designed to physically remove soiling and to correct your paintwork for lasting results.

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Our car grooming services:

CCV Car Grooming Christchurch Full Detail Service

The Full Detail

Our most Popular Service.
The Full Detail covers everything inside and out. Whether you've just bought your car, want to get it in great condition or want the best price at sale, this is the service for you. This service includes both professional upholstery shampooing and our renowned Paint Correction process.

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Interior Cleaning Service

The Interior Detail

Car interior cleaning done right.
We don't stop after a vacuum like other car groomers. Your cars upholstery will be shampooed, leathers conditioned and all interior surfaces cleaned and dressed. This service is great for upholstery stain and smell removal and will make your car feel fresh and clean and like new again.

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Exterior Detailing Service

The Exterior Detail

When a car wash won't cut it.
Get the exterior of your car looking great with the Exterior Detail. Our renowned Paint Correction service removes paint scratches and is included standard in the Exterior Detail. We'll get your car shining again!

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Guides to help you keep your vehicle looking good.

Two-bucket car washing

Washing your Car: The Two-Bucket Method

We show you how to wash your car correctly to avoid putting scratches in your paint during a car wash.

Car Selling Guide

Selling your car for the best price: How-To

Want to sell your car? Want the highest price? Read this guide and learn some simple tips to get the best price for your car.

Our processes:

Find out what our services can do for your vehicle. These processes are incoporated or available as additions with selected services.

Paint Correction Service

Paint Correction

Cut and Polish, Buffing - We call it Paint Correction because when it's done properly it can physically improve your paint.

Paint Sealant

Paint Sealant

You might have heard of "Paint Protection" - We explain how our Paint Sealant works and what it can do for your vehicle.

Interior Surface Clean

Interior Surface Cleaning

There is a big difference in the quality of car cleaning in Christchurch - find out what we can do for your interior surfaces of your car.


Selected examples of our work listed by the car grooming service performed. Click on the image to go to the article.

Full detail example

Full Detail

Most car valet services would struggle with this one - find out what our Full Detail service achieved on this farm vehicle.

Interior car cleaning

Interior Detail

See what we can do for your interior and upholstery with our Interior Detail car cleaning service on this stained and soiled ute.

Exterior detail service

Exterior Detail

With Paint Correction standard in the Exterior Detail See how we've improved the paint of a vehicle that regularly goes off-road.