Examples of our Car Detailing work

Audi S4 - Exterior Detail + 2 Stage Paint Correction

The owner of this Audi S4 brought his car into CCV Grooming to fix persistant marring and stubborn waterspots. We corrected the paint with the 2-stage paint correction process (added on to the Exterior Detail) and then sealed the paint with our Paint Sealant to make the paintwork easier to keep clean.

front of audi before

Before - Front of Car

front of audi after

After - The car now exhibits significantly greater shine thanks to the 2-stage paint correction process.

bonnet before

Before - Dull, marred paint.

bonnet after

After - Bringing back the shine!

rear Audi before


rear Audi after


side Audi before


side Audi after


side Audi before


Front Audi after


Front Audi after 2

Completed, swirl and marring free paint.

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