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Two-bucket car washing

Washing your Car: The Two-Bucket Method

Don't scratch your vehicle when you wash it. We show you a simple method to help avoid the risk of doing damage to your car's paint.

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Car Selling Guide

How-To Sell Your Car for the Best Price

We've made this how-to guide, full of tips, to help you sell your car for the best possible price.

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Our processes:

These processes are incorporated into services at CCV Grooming or available as additions. Learn about our services.

Paint Correction Service

Paint Correction

What can paint correction do for your vehicle? Check this article out and see what it can do for tired, dull and scratched paint. Bring back the showroom shine to your vehicle.

Paint Sealant

Paint Sealant

Protect your paint with our Paint Sealant. Read this indepth article about how it works and what you should expect from it. Check out the video and see what it can do once applied.

Interior Surface Clean

Interior Surface Cleaning

The difference between the pros and doing it yourself. We've got the gear to get your car looking right. See what we can do the fiddly hard to clean areas in your car.


We've seen it all before - there isn't much that can't be improved on. See examples of our services performed on clients vehicles.

Full detail example

Full Detail

The Full Detail covers all the bases - see the difference in the before and afters on this well-used farm vehcile.

Interior car cleaning

Interior Detail

Stains and soiling aren't an issue. We fix the interior and bring back the clean.

Exterior detail service

Exterior Detail

Cars go faster when you aren't carrying kilograms of mud on the underside. We remove the mud with our preparation wash and then carry out our Paint Correction process that is included in the exterior detail. See what it did for this 4WD.

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