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Paint Correction - More than a Cut and Polish.

Buffing, cut and polish - we call it paint correction because when it's done properly it can physically improve your paint.

We do it properly to get the results. Here we show you what sort of results can be obtained with our paint correction process.

Paint Correction.

ideal painted surface

Put simply, in order to make paint shine we want a flat uniform surface. On a new vehicle with good paint (such as the image above) the paint will be smooth and free of marring, wash-swirl marks and scratches. This ideal surface will promote shine as long as it's kept clean.

But most vehicles do have damage.

scratched paint

This picture shows how bad paint can get. As the scratches are over the whole car, the overall appearance of the car is considerably reduced. Ironically, it hasn't got like this from being neglected - it's been regularly washed by one of those places at the mall. This is a prime example of improper wash technique damaging vehicle paint. We've got a guide here on how to wash your car to avoid scratches.

before correction

Here is an illustration of what the surface of this panel would look like before Paint Correction. Most of the damage is in the clear coat, the outer surface of the paint. The incoming light hits the scratches and bounces off in different directions (see the reflected light). Reflected Light bouncing off the panel in different directions firstly reduces overall shine and secondly it makes the scratches appear more visible

Why is Paint Correction Superior to Applying Wax?

filling with wax

A thick layer of wax can also produce some results, the main difference being that it only temporarily hides the scratches. After a few washes or over a period of time, this wax will degrade and remove itself from the paint. What happens then is that all the scratches "come back" (they were only hidden) and your car loses it's shine again. This is why Paint Correction is superior to just waxing over and over again. We will now detail what sort of results you can expect when you bring your car to us.

The intial surface of our example panel:

initial surface

So what can we do for your paint? Here we have masked off two sides to show how bad the damage is.

corrected paint

As you can see, the left side shows far less marring and scratches. The paint is now back to a point where the surface is smooth and has a high gloss. No polish or wax has been applied to the surface and the result is purely the shine of the paint itself. This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors who don't correct the paint properly and use waxy polishes that fill in the scratches which only give a temporary result that doesn't last.

Another photo (without tape)

another corrected panel

Again we can see the clear line down the middle of the image from the corrected side and the uncorrected side. The paint as well as being scratch free, is now visibly darker on the left.

after paint correction

Paint Correction has removed a very fine layer of clear coat (think microns - even less than mm!) and physically removed light scratches completely and permanently. As well as that the effect of Paint Correction is to round off the deeper scratches - this results in light being reflected more uniformly producing shine and the reduced appearance of scratches.

Paint correction is standard in our Exterior, Full and Comprehensive Detail.

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