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Our Location and Hours

CCV Grooming is located at:

11 Waller Terrace
Christchurch 8011

Waller Terrace is located the sidestreet that runs next to Harley Davidson off Moorhouse Ave and connects to the northern end of Selwyn Street. On Waller Terrace we're opposite The Autoshop

Opening Hours:
Monday -Friday: 8am-5:00pm

How do I book?

The best thing to do is give us a call on (03) 379-1390 and we can discuss your needs and select the right service for your vehicle.

Service FAQ:

How long do your services take?

Generally services on cars can be completed within a day. Larger vehicles, or more involved details - such as 2-Stage Paint Corrections or Ceramic Protection may take over a day to complete. On arrival (or beforehand) we can advise you the approximate duration of the detail required.

Before you bring your car in.

Please remove all personal items that are loose in your vehicle - this makes our job easier and avoids the risk of missing items that can go up our vacuum or shampoo machines. We are not liable for any personal items left in vehicles.
Some residual wetness will remain following the service if we have shampooed your vehicle. You will be required to let your car dry out by either running the heater or lowering windows.


We accept EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard at our location. Cash by arrangement, but card payment is preferred. Bank transfer can be made however this must show in our account prior to the release of the vehicle. We require payment on completion of all services.

Afterhours Bookings

Please send us an e-mail to: with the following details:
  • What service you require.
  • When you would like to have the service done.
  • Make and Model
  • Your phone number to confirm your booking.

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