The Full Detail.
Our Most Popular Car Grooming Service

The Full Detail is our most popular detailing service for a reason. It's a complete service that permanently removes scratches, permanently removes soiling and stains and makes your car look brilliant. You'll get everything below with the Full Detail.

Pricing (GST Inclusive) - Car $499 | SUV $599 | Large Vehicles $699

Additional Service Pricing (based on additional time required)

  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Heavy stain Removal
  • Utes with Canopies
  • Excessive Mud (Farm Vehicles, 4WDs)
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    steam clean wheels

    Steam Clean of Wheels, Wheel Arches and Door Jambs

    Cleaning wheels of stubborn brake dust and grime just got easier. Let CCV take care of it and while we're there we'll clean the wheel arches and door jambs too.

    car wash

    Full Exterior Preparation Wash

    Not every car valet service uses the two-bucket wash method. Why not? Because it takes longer but we're here to make your vehicle look better, not to put new scratches in.

    paint correction

    Paint Correction

    Select your level of Paint Correction:

    It doesn't matter what car you drive - Paint Correction can make it look better. What can paint correction do for your vehicle? Find our more by clicking here. Single Stage Paint Correction is included with the Full Detail - Want even more Shine? Go for 2-Stage Paint Correction.

    Single stage paint correction

    Single Stage Paint Correction is great for removing light wash scratches and marring from your vehicle. While it won't remove deeper more stubborn scratches it's still going to offer significantly better results than washing and waxing alone ever could.

    Great if:
    - You're selling your car.
    - It's a company or trade vehicle.
    - Or it's in fairly good exterior condition.

    Single Stage Paint Correction is included with the Full Detail

    2-stage paint correction

    At the first stage we machine-correct with a coarse compound over your paint to remove deep and stubborn scratches. From there we machine-polish with a finer compound to remove holograms, fine scratches and swirls. This process literally doubles the amount of machine correction that your vehicle will receive.

    Great for:
    - Black and Dark Coloured cars.
    - Classics or Exotics
    - Any vehicle where you want next-level shine.

    Pricing: (In addition to the Full Detail)
    Cars +$200 | SUVs and Large Vehicles +$250

    hand polish

    Hand Polish

    After Paint Correction has made your car shine, we go a step further and apply a UV-absorbing nano-technology based polish to help protect it from the elements.

    interior surface cleaning

    Interior Surfaces Cleaned

    Interior car cleaning in Christchurch just got better. We think it's the attention to detail that counts and we take pride in cleaning your interior plastics, vinyls and leather to bring them back to their former glory.

    shampoo interior

    Upholstery Shampoo

    If you're looking for a car shampoo and want a top-notch job, you'll find it in the Full Detail. Upholstery shampooing with our extraction-shampoo machine will remove stains, smells and general grime from your car seats and carpet.

    interior protectant

    Protectant applied to all interior surfaces

    After it's clean we apply a protectant to the interior surfaces. This will darken up plastics and on top of that it's a second cleaning step. We're not big on blinding gloss or sticky surfaces so we make sure it's evenly and sparingly applied.

    window cleaning

    Windows inside and out

    Car window cleaning can be difficult to get right. We'll leave your car with clean, streak-free windows.

    interior vacuuming

    Final Vacuum

    After everything is complete we give your car a final vacuum.

    free loan car

    Free Loan Car Available with the Full Detail

    With an advanced booking we can offer a FREE Loan Car to use while we service your vehicle. Give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page to make a booking and don't forget to ask about the FREE Loan Car.

    Popular Additional Services

    paint sealant

    Add Paint Protection:
    Cars $899 | SUV & Large Vehicles $999

    We apply Duraseal Ceramic G4 Premium Paint Protection to the all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. This comes backed-up with a lifetime warranty direct from the New Zealand Manufacturer. Learn more about Duraseal Ceramic G4 Paint Protection by clicking here to find out what it can do for your vehicle.

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