The Maintenance Groom
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The Maintenance Groom is a great service for maintaining the condition of your vehicle both inside and out. You'll get everything below with the Full Maintenance Groom

Pricing (GST Inclusive) - Car $299 | SUV $349 | Large Vehicles $449

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steam clean wheels

Steam Clean of Wheels, Wheel Arches and Door Jambs

Cleaning wheels of stubborn brake dust and grime just got easier. Let CCV take care of it and while we're there we'll clean the wheel arches and door jambs too.

car wash

Full Exterior Preparation Wash

Not every car valet service uses the two-bucket wash method. Why not? Because it takes longer but we're here to make your vehicle look better, not to put new scratches in.

hand polish

Hand Polish

After your car has been thoroughly washed we apply a UV-absorbing nano-technology based polish to help protect it from the elements.

interior surface cleaning

Interior Surfaces Cleaned

Our Interior Surface cleaning takes care of any grime and dust on your plastics and vinyls. This includes your dashboard, door cards and other interior plastics.

interior protectant

Protectant applied to all interior surfaces

After it's clean we apply a protectant to the interior surfaces. This will darken up plastics and on top of that it's a second cleaning step. We're not big on blinding gloss or sticky surfaces so we make sure it's evenly and sparingly applied.

window cleaning

Windows inside and out

Car window cleaning can be difficult to get right. We'll leave your car with clean, streak-free windows.

interior vacuuming

Final Vacuum

After everything is complete we give your car a final vacuum.

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