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Protect your Cars' Paint with Duraseal Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Paint Protection Coating?

Our system of Dura-seal Ceramic G4 Premium Paint Protection Coating forms a durable, resistant layer over the paintwork of your car.

Why should I have it applied to my car?

From new, your vehicles' paintwork and trim have no ceramic protective coatings applied. Some people regularly wax their cars to provide a temporary coating, but this wears off (within months) leaving the the car unprotected again. Regular waxing is also time-consuming and there are many products, some of which offer limited protection at best.

What are the benefits?

Once applied the system of Dura-seal Ceramic G4 Premium Paint Protection will resist the build-up of harmful contaminants, gives your paintwork a hydrophobic (water-repelling) effect, which makes the car easier to keep clean and it provides a deep shine without the use of wax or traditional polishes.

Our Dura-Seal Ceramic G4 Premium Paint Protection Coating system comes with:

  • A nationwide Lifetime Warranty backed by the New Zealand manufacturer.
  • Professional Application from CCV Grooming as endorsed by the manufacturer.
  • No ongoing cost to preserve your warranty.
  • A Car Care Kit (see below) that includes: Wash, Sunscreen Remover, Q-Clean, Wash Mitt, Applicator, Wheel Brush, Microfibre, Water-spot Remover, Rain Repellent and an Air Freshener.

The hydrophobic effect visualised:

See below video

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New Vehicles

If you've purchased a brand new vehicle and you're interested in Dura-seal Ceramic G4 Premium Paint Protection (with assessment of the paint) we can apply it directly to your car. Please call us on 03 379-1390

Used Vehicles

In order to apply Dura-seal Ceramic G4 Premium we need to ensure that the paintwork is sufficiently smooth and free of scratching to get the best possible results out of the product. As such, in order to apply the Paint Protection we must either carry out a Full Detail or Exterior Detail to your vehicle prior applying the Paint Protection.

Application Pricing (GST Inclusive)

  • Cars $899
  • SUV & Large Vehicles $999

2-Coat Application Pricing (GST Inclusive)

  • Cars $1299
  • SUV & Large Vehicles $1499

If your vehicle is used, it will need either the Full Detail or Exterior Detail prior to applying the product.

A Dura-seal care kit is also included as pictured below:

Paint Protection Christchurch CCV Care Kit

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Learn More - Technical Details:


Before we apply two coats of Paint Protection to a used vehicle we generally have to correct your paint with our Paint Correction process. Paint Correction gets your paint in the best possible condition - we don't want to apply Ceramic Paint Protection to scratched, roughed-up paint.

Applying Paint Protection

After your paint has been corrected we wipedown the your paint with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any residual polishes or waxes that could reduce the adhesion of the Ceramic Paint Protection. Paint Protection is only as good as the preparation of the surface that we are applying it to. The Paint Protection we use works at the nano-level, meaning that the particles that are applied to your paint are very small. These are suspended in a solvent, which once wiped on panel by panel will evaporate off, leaving the protective nano-particles to in-fill the surface of your paint.

How it works.

before ceramic paint protection

This illustration represents the paintwork on most vehicles. The painted surface has not had Ceramic Paint Protection applied. Water is attracted to the surface which causes the droplets to be pulled down towards the paintwork. A surface that attracts water is known as "hydrophillic" (water-loving). Hydrophillic surfaces create larger contact areas for liquids to adhere to. How this relates to vehicles is that this surface will be more inclided to have things stick to it, as it promotes adhesion. It's exactly the same as roughing up something with sandpaper before it's painted - the idea there is to create a surface that allows things to stick to it. On your vehicle we want the opposite.

After Paint Correction and Paint Protection:

after ceramic paint protection

After Ceramic Paint Protection has been applied the paint exhibits hydrophobic (water repelling) behaviour. Because the surface is hydrophobic the water does not want to adhere to the surface, so what it does is adhere to itself resulting in the droplet raising off the surface and a lower percentage of the droplet makes contact with the surface. Beacause less of it is making contact with the surface, it has less adhesion - therefore if it was sprayed with water what should happen is that the water will want to disperse from the surface. Add some gravity (most vehicle panels aren't flat) and you'll get the result of water "removing itself" from the paintwork. Even better than that, if there is loose material or grime on the surface it should help carry that away too.

Competing Products - Be Wary of Paint Protection Hardness / Scratch Resistance Claims:

We've noticed other companies are making claims regarding the hardness of their products and how this relates to "scratch resistance" of their paint protection products. Most commonly we see "9H Paint Protection" - this is in reference to Pencil Scratch Hardness not the Moh's Hardness Scale (the standard in determining the hardness of a mineral/surface). Click HERE to learn more about the Moh's Hardness Scale. On the Moh's Hardness Scale 1 is Talcum and 10 is Diamond (the hardest substance on Earth). 9H Hardness on the Pencil Scale refers to being resistant to scratching from a 9H Pencil at a 45 degree angle dragged across a surface. A 9H pencil is about a 3 on the Mohs Hardness Scale for reference. Due to the nature of a coating, the product doesn't take up the full hardness of it's constituent ingredients and hardness shouldn't be used to advertise a coating. Water repelling ability (self-cleaning) and longevity in our opinion should factor significantly more into your decision to have paint protection applied to your vehicle. We're always happy to talk with you and help advise products based on your requirements - feel free to call us if you would like to know more.

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