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We include more.

Our car grooming services are designed to achieve complete results - that a car wash alone can't achieve! It's not about doing some jobs and leaving others, it's about ensuring that your vehicle is the best it can be.

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While your vehicle is in for our Detail or Comprehensive Services, with notice, you can book our FREE loan car. Top quality service doesn't mean foregoing convenience

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Give us a call on (03) 379-1390 to make a booking or ask any question about our services. Alternatively, pop by for a chat at 11 Waller Terrace in Addington for us to have a look over your car to see what we can do. You'll find our full contact details here.


CCV Car Grooming Christchurch Full Grooming Service

Our Regular Service

Let us take care of your Car Washing and keep your car looking great with the Maintenance Groom.

We hand wash your vehicle, clean your wheels and arches, tyre shine, windows inside and out and vacuum your interior.


Full Detail

Professional Detailing Services:

Restore your cars paintwork with Paint Correction and remove stains and soiling with Upholstery Shampooing. We offer a range of detailing packages to suit your car and budget.


Comprehensive Detailing Service

Our Finest Service.

Professional Car Detailing with Ceramic Paint, Fabric and Leather Protection included. Keep your vehicle looking great long after the detail.

Examples of our work

Click an image below to view examples of our car detailing work.

1971 Cortina
Exterior Detail + 2-Stage Paint Correction

cortina exterior detail

Audi S4
Exterior Detail + 2-Stage Paint Correction + Paint Sealant

audi exterior detail

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