2-Stage Paint Correction. Paint, Interior and Glass Sealants.
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The Comprehensive Detail.

The Comprehensive Detail is the highest-quality detail we offer. The main difference between this and the Full Detail is we go that extra step further. As standard we offer our 2-Stage Paint Correction which removes more scratches and gives a glossier finish. We apply Paint sealant, Interior Sealants, and Glass sealant to keep your vehicle looking good long after the detail is complete.

We spend the time to exceed your expectations, so please allow for more than a full day to carry out the Comprehensive Detail.

Pricing (GST Inclusive) - Car $549 | SUV $649 | Large Vehicle $749

Steps included in addition to the Full Detail are highlighted in light yellow - You'll get everything below with the Comprehensive Detail

The Comprehensive Detail

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steam clean wheels

Steam Clean of Wheels, Wheel Arches and Door Jambs

Cleaning wheels of stubborn brake dust and grime just got easier. Let CCV take care of it and while we're there we'll clean the wheel arches and door jambs too.

steam clean engine

Steam Clean and Dressing of Engine and Engine Bay

If you're selling your car the last thing you want is a grimey engine and engine bay. A clean engine firstly looks better and secondly it's easier to work on and to spot leaks.

car wash

Full Exterior Preparation Wash

CCV Grooming Ltd uses the two-bucket wash method. We use this method to avoid putting scratches on your paint during the car wash and as far as we are concerned it's the only way to properly wash a vehicle.

paint measurement

Paint Thickness Measurement

We have invested in a Paint Thickness Gauge (also know as a Dry Film Thickness Gauge) to measure the thickness of your vehicle's paintwork. We can tell if a panel has been repaired or resprayed, the condition of the original paint, and most importantly how much we have to work with. Without taking Paint Thickness Measurements and buffing, operators who do not measure paint run the risk of doing more harm than good which can result in costly repairs.

paint correction

2-Stage Paint Correction

Paint Correction is our renowned service that gets your paint looking good. With the Comprehensive Detail we carry out 2-Stage Paint Correction as standard. This involves going over your paintwork twice, first with a coarse compound and second with a finer compound. The end result is significantly more scratch removal and glossier paint.

isoproyl alcohol wipe

Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe-down

Isoproyl Alcohol is more commonly known as rubbing alchol and is often used to clean lenses. We use it on your paint and plastics to remove any silicones, waxes or other residue that may be on the surface. This is to ensure that a good surface is created to promote adhesion of the sealants.

paint sealant

Paint, Interior and Glass Sealants

We apply Paint Sealant, Interior Sealants, and Glass Sealant to your vehicle. We apply a long lasting Paint Sealant that is nano-technology based and uses micronised silica to form a protective barrier on your paint - click here to find out more about Paint Sealant. Interior Sealant is applied to your fabric and leathers. The benefit of the interior sealants is to reduce the ability for spills and stains to set in, allowing for much easier removal. Glass Guard is applied to your exterior Windows which helps with wet-weather visibility by providing a water-reppllant coating meaning water will just bead off. All Sealants applied are Hydrophobic (water-repellant) and will make it much easier to maintain your vehicle once treated.

Interior Surfaces Cleaned

We use compressed air and our experience to get in where you can't reach and ensure that everything looks and feels clean. Our processes ensure that each part of the interior is passed over at least twice to ensure full coverage. Click here to see what this step can do.

shampoo interior

Upholstery Shampoo

Your interior will be shampooed with our extraction machine to remove grime from your car seats, carpet and other upholstery. See examples of what a good car shampoo can do for your car here.

As well as stain removal the shampoo is great for removing smells.
interior protectant

Protectant applied to all interior surfaces

After it's clean we apply a protectant to the interior surfaces. This will darken up plastics and on top of that it's a second cleaning step. We're not big on blinding gloss or sticky surfaces so we make sure it's evenly and sparingly applied.

window cleaning

Windows inside and out

Car window cleaning can be difficult to get right. We'll leave your car with clean, streak-free windows.

Leather cleaned and conditioned

Leather requires a different approach to cleaning plastics or vinyls and we are experts at it. Leather is cleaned using product that won't degrade the integrity of the leather or remove colouring. Leather conditioner is the applied to reinvigorate and restore moisture back into the leather to give a soft feel, as well as protecting it against UV light and general use.

interior vacuuming

Final Vacuum

A final vacuum concludes our service and ensures you receive the vehicle in the best possible condition.

free loan car

Free Loan Car Available with the Comprehensive Detail

With an advanced booking we can offer a FREE Loan Car to use while we service your vehicle. Give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page to make a booking and don't forget to ask about the FREE Loan Car.

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